Improve TurretsEdit

Your Carrier's Turrets deal +50% damage during 15 seconds.
This ability also reactivates the two closest allied turrets within a distance of 200 units.

Cooldown: 75 secs

Improve DockingEdit

The Shield Recharge stat of all docked allied gunships is doubled during 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 90 secs

Carrier RepairEdit

All allied carrier parts regenerate by 50 per second during 30 seconds.
This is added to the part's usual regeneration.

Under normal conditions: - Carrier parts regenerate by up to 20 per second when not attacked.
- The Core constantly regenerates by 120 per second.
- The Hull does not regenerate by itself.

Cooldown: 120 secs

Carrier PurgeEdit

The Forcefield Generator room and the Core room inside your carrier generate a slow but powerful shockwave.
All gunships, whether allied or enemy, hit by the shockwave are dealt 1500 detonation damage.

Activation Delay: 5 secs Cooldown: 120 secs

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