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This page is a Synthesis. For detailed informations, see the Carrier Ship Parts page.

Synthesis tableEdit

Part HP Regeneration When destroyed Note
Ammo Depot 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

Only 70% ammo restauration when docking -
Cannon 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

Shoot every 5min instead of 3min Can be attacked only if forcefield down or cannon about to fire
Core 7 500

(Up to 200 HP/s)

Cost 2 integrity points instead of 1 Core room accessible only if forcefield down
Forcefield Generator 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

All forcefields are desactivated -
Hull 16 000 NONE All carrier parts receive 20% more damage Attacking the carrier anywhere damages the Hull
Main Deck 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

Carrier turrets fire rate halved -
Radar 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

HUD radar detection range halved
(from 600 to 300)

Repair Station 10 000

(Up to 20 HP/s)

Docked ships regeneration rate down to 70% -

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