Fake AlertEdit

A false alert is sent to the enemy team.
This alarm displays that the carrier part with the most Shield has been damaged passed 75%, 50% or 25%, according to what's more believable.
- The part is determined randomly among any parts tied for being the less damaged.
- This alert never designates the Hull or the Core. Those sections would be less believable for enemies.

Activation Delay: 5 secs
Cooldown: 45 secs

Deactivate ForcefieldsEdit

This ability deactivates the enemy Carrier's orange forcefields during 30 seconds.

When active, these forcefields:
- Block the access to the Core.
- Prevent the Carrier's Cannon from being attacked directly.
- Prevent certain angles of attack against the Carrier's other parts.

Activation Delay: 10 secs
Cooldown: 120 secs

Deactivate TurretsEdit

This ability deactivates the enemy carrier's turrets during 25 seconds.

Activation Delay: 3 secs
Cooldown: 75 secs

Carrier FractureEdit

This ability halves the enemy carrier parts' regeneration during 15 seconds.

Under normal conditions:
- Carrier parts regenerate by up to 20 per second when not attacked.
- The Core constantly regenerates by 120 per second.
- The Hull does not regenerate by itself.

Activation Delay: 10 secs
Cooldown: 90 secs

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